Sunday, October 4, 2009


Bridget has finally used her first European word, on our last day in Europe.  Scussi means excuse me...however she thought people were calling her a bad name the whole time.  But now, she uses it all the time.  Along with her other made up words.

Girls loved the Vatican yesterday...and we almost saw more of Rome, however there was multiple protests around the city about the metro, the subway, the trams, and the buses were all out of commission.  Needless to say we followed an English nun named Joanne, and we had to walk about five miles to the nearest place where luckily a subway was running its last trip - back to our neighborhood.

This morning...mass was going on and the Pope was doing it inside the Vatican.  We were outside the Vatican in St. Peters we were still able to see the Pope on the one of the two huge tele-prompters.

After that, we went to the market, where I couldn't help but purchase a couple of pairs of shoes.  We then walked to Piazza Venezzia where we continued to check out the Forum and the Colosseum.  We ended our day site-seeing with some good ol' cups of gelato...NUM!

We are just waiting for my sister to finish getting ready and we are heading to a restaurant that will over-look the city of Rome.  So exciting!

We are tired, we are spent...and we have one last sleep in Rome before venturing back to the states.  I definitely will need a vacation after this vacation!!

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