Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fun Facts of Zurich

So as the ultimate tourists...we had an awesome tour of the city today.  We cruised around the whole city by bus, making stops along the way...including a gondola ride to the highest peak in Zurich...and finally a boat ride across Lake Zurich!

Learned a lot of stuff about the is a couple of fun facts to share...

-Albert Einstein attended the University of Zurich, where he later became a professor

-It costs only $1,200 to attend the U of Z for one whole year...but it is extremely difficult to get into

-90 percent of the people that live in Zurich do not own their own place, they rent

-Tina Turner lives in a surrounding suburb (we got to see her villa)

-No school for children on Wednesdays

On a separate note, Bridget has acquired a new accent (that she doesn't realize she does yet)...but she only uses it when she is talking to someone else with an accent!  It is hilarious...not to mention some of her new vocab words (she made up) that she thinks sound European such as "swee"...which means three..."creppay"....which is a crepe...and "sahmee"...which means sandwich.

Speaking of crepes...I was trying to show off my expertise in French today when I was ordering one for breakfast this morning at the market.  I very confidently speak french saying that I would like to purchase a chocolate crepe.  The lady gives me my crepe after I paid and says in English (with a French accent) "Thank you very much...have a great day!"  I walked away laughing after I realized that even though I was speaking a different was very apparent that my native language is English.  Ha!

Off to Cinque Terre, Italy tomorrow in the early morning...we are so excited we got to be here...but are really excited to go somewhere where it doesn't cost $2 to use the Burger King bathroom.

Not sure what our internet access will be like in Cinque may not hear from us until the day after tomorrow when we arrive in Rome!!