Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zurich = Amsterdam + Italy + Mucho Moola

Wow...we thought for sure we would love the city of Munich better than Zurich...but after wandering around the streets today...we've unanimously changed our minds.  Because I have been to both Amsterdam and Italy before, I would say Zurich reminds me a little of both places.  The river in the middle of the city reminds me of Amsterdam...and the tiny cafes and outdoor eateries and small tangled cobblestone streets remind me much of Italy.  The only main difference is the streetcars and hills...which added a hint of San Francisco. 

Since we didn't end up on bikes today, we walked all around which worked out great since the city is fairly compact.  Unlike Germany, where we saw a lot of people wearing typical German Oktoberfest costumes (drindl's)...we actually saw a bit of style today...not to mention some better looking teeth.  I don't know what it is with some European countries...but we often run into a lot of people with nasty looking teeth...like they either haven't seen a toothbrush before or just brush with dirt. 

After reading some information...we got some tips about seeing some "must-see" Gothic churches.  Besides the vampire music that starting playing on the loud church organ minutes after we entered...I was not impressed with any of them.  I think the St. Paul Cathedral in MN outshines all three of the churches we saw put together.

The Zurich Film Festival is going on today and you can bet I have my eyes peeled for celebs!  When at dinner this evening a group of Asian men were standing about 15 feet from our table...taking photos of what seemed like us??  I think maybe they thought we were celebrities...they could have at least been a little more discrete about it, perhaps hide in a bush or behind a fountain??  It was strange.

I am not sure how...but each of us blew through $70 today...and that was just on food!!  Some street-side sandwiches, homemade swiss chocolates, outdoor market pineapple, water ($5), and dinner at a restaurant on a narrow street (sitting outside of course).  Don't worry...we have had no shortage of cheese here either...as we enjoyed some cheese fondue at dinner!  Bridget and I even opted for the wine...but at the price they wanted for the almost-half glass they gave us...that didn't last long. 

Highlight of the night was definitely the lady walking down the street with her pet feret on a leash!!  In fact, it looked like it was the feret's debut on a leash in the busy city...because the entire time walking across the street...she was actually dragging it!  Definitely not a typical scenerio...Patti said it was animal cruelty!  I just took a photo!

Well...sorry to put you to sleep with this post...but at least its helping someone out.  Haven't slept well this whole trip.  Can't fall asleep when I am supposed to or when I want to.  Starting to feel like I am getting sick...so I need to get to bed after taking some Nyquil. 

Its also really unfortunate that the first blog post was so eventful...that these next ones just won't ever be able to match up.  Oh well.

Tomorrow we are for sure doing a land-boat-gondola ride tour in the city.  We may also try the bikes again, a castle-turned-museum, and maybe the flea market.  Hopefully the market has some budget friendly food options!

Au Revoir for now!!

The "Famous Room" Relocates to Zurich

It is quite embarassing when the mature hotel reception desk people say "ohhhh...you are the girls from the famous room"!!!  Wow...stop the flattery...no autographs for now!  People on the tram were looking at us pointing and laughing...only for us to realize they were from our hotel.  They were mostly looking at Bridget...probably because they recognize her as the girl balling in the hallway!  Or...actually maybe its the fact that she has a black eye from when Patti jacked her in the face??  Dont worry...Patti didnt get out of that brawl scratch free...she looks like someone tried to eat her neck!!  We ended up having to pay £50 for the maids to clean the room...which they really didnt...and an additional £30 for the lost key.  Wow...not like we need to pay anymore money for our really crappy room!  

Anyways, we safely arrived in Zurich...hoping for a fresh start...literally!  Our hotel room is so awesome...it has vaulted ceilings with skylight windows that overlook the city...not to mention the bathroom is lit on the outside with neon blue.  There should be NO mistaking the bathroom this time round!  Haha...

And the weather is super amazing...t-shirt and shorts temperatures for sure!  We tried to rent free bikes but there were no more bikes...not to mention the dudes running the bike rental were far from friendly.  Also, if you would like a cheeseburger at Burger King...please bring $12...because thats how much they cost.  Not that I had one...but Bridget grabbed one at the train station for a "snack"!!!  So long for now...gotta go leave this Apple Store and enjoy the fabulous weather and the beautiful cityscapes!