Saturday, October 3, 2009

No Place Like Rome!!

We finally made it to Rome yesterday!  Woot!!  We are staying in the center of the city and I couldn't be happier with our hotel location in the center of Rome near the Spanish Steps.  Last night, we met up with my sister for dinner and wine.  At the end of dinner, the server gave us each a small glass of Limoncello, an Italian liquor.  We all cheersed and slugged it down like a shot.  The server bursted out laughing and said "OH NO NO NO NO!!!!  Dis is NOT TEQUILA!"  This is to be enjoyed like dessert.  You are supposed to sip it.  So....the happy server he was...he swung by with another round.  Not that after the couple bottles of wine and one "shot" - did we need anymore.  Especially considering Limoncello is 50% alcohol!  ZEEKS!!

Oh well...better luck next time.

We saw the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, Piazza Venezzia, and the Vatican at night last night.  Today, Bridget and Patti are visiting the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel.  Since I have already seen it, I am cruising the streets with my sister.  We are going to go to my sister's school and apartment and maybe do some shopping.  Tomorrow we hope to make it to Mass with the Pope - its all set up in the Saint Peter's hopefully we make it there!  Then the Colosseum and the Forum!

The best advice I got in Europe surprisingly came out of Bridget's mouth.  "Just look like a seems to be working."  That advice goes far in Rome, when everyone is hassling us to do a tour, or for money, or while we shop...we just pretend we don't know what they say.  Until Sno...butts in and says "NO!!  GO AWAY!!!"

Ciao for now!

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